Yeast nutrition for sugar brews – 50g


Malted barley has all the nutrients that yeast needs to ferment your beer. If you use refined sugars for distilling purposes you need yeast nutrition.

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Yeast nutrition is necessary when there is not enough nutrients in the must for yeast to thrive.
It is composed of ammonium salts (~60%), inactivated yeast(~40%) and thiamin. It is used where alcoholic fermentation has slowed and will maintain fermentation where must nitrogen is deficient. It provides both ammoniacal nitrogen and amino acid nitrogen which is essential for the multiplication and viability of yeast during fermentation.
Thiamine is essential for the growth of yeast. A shortage of this vitamin may slow down, or even arrest, fermentation.

• Preventative treatment in must, and treatment during mid-fermentation:
– 20 to 40 g / 100 liters.
• To restart a fermentation:
– 40 to 50 g / 100 Liters added to the wine prior to yeast addition.

Maximum legally permitted quantity: 60 g / 100 liters

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