Heating Belt 230V 35W


Adjustable Heating Belt. Great for the winter months and for brewing a Saison.

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Heating belts are preferable to heating pads for the reasons that they can simply be moved up or down the fermenter to increase or decrease the heat transfer to the brew. Heating belts are also preferable to heating pads because pads tend to heat up the yeast bed on the bottom of the fermenter which can produce some undesirable flavours in your beer.
Please be advised that the heating belt is only 35 watt power and it will normally warm the fermenter in the cold weather and keep the wort in a desirable temperature. However, based on the fact that different fermentation temperature range for different fermentation, you need to check the temperature sticker regularly to make sure it is correct for the fermentation( you may need to raise or lower the heating belt). To achieve the best result and maintain the temperature accurately it is recommended to use a temperature controller with the heating belt.
1.The Heat Belt can be used to aid fermentation with one or two demijohns or any make of 5 Gallon/25 Liter vessel and is suitable for both beer, spirits and wine making.
2.The Heat Belt is designed to be used during primary fermentation and to aid the start of secondary fermentation.
3. One of the main benefits of using a Brew Belt is the reduced time it takes to complete the brewing process of your forbeer and Forwine.
4. Tighten belt around brewing barrel/fermenter. Alter the heat belt’s position to adjust temperature (lowing the belt will increase the temperature, whilst raising will decrease temperature).

1. Keep your yeasties snug and warm with this simple to use heat belt.
2. This is a heating belt that goes round your keg or other fermenter to keep it warm so your yeast ferments at its preferred temperature.
3. Gives you a quicker, more complete fermentation.
4. Easy to store away after use unlike heat pads.

Length:900mm (for the belt)/1.8m power line
Heating bandwidth: 20mm
Power :110V-230V /35w
Material: Silicone Rubber
Fits 25 to 60 liter fermenters

Package Included:
1 x 110-230V 35W heater belt

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