Cryo Cascade 30g (12.2% a.a.)


Cascade hops are known for having a distinctive floral, citrus and grapefruit character. They are a signature hop of many American style ales.

Flavor Descriptors: Grapefruit, floral, and spicy.

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Cryo Hops® utilizes the most innovative technology in cryogenic processing where whole-leaf hops are separated into concentrated lupulin and bract at extremely low temperatures to preserve the essential oils and resins. The result is an enticing LupuLN2® hop pellet that doubles the hop potency by 40-50% of traditional hop pellets for the same weight. Producing an enhanced hop flavor with juicy, resinous and fruity characteristics that is perfect for IPA beers and styles.

Citrus-like character with its distinctive floral notes.

Alpha Acid %: 11-13%
Total Oil %: 2.5-3.5%

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