Beginner Malt Extract Starter Kit


The easiest, cheapest and quickest way to get introduced to homebrewing. You will be able to make 23L of great craft beer. Enough to fill 48 440ml bottles. All the equipment is also necessary if you want to advance to partial mash and all grain brewing.

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The kit includes:

25 Liter Fermenting Bucket including:
– Stick on Thermometer
– Tap
– Grommet
– Air lock
Beer Spoon
Hydrometer Flask
Priming Sugar Measuring Spoons
50 Crown Caps
500ml No-rinse sanitizer
1.7kg Coopers Brew Can (Includes yeast and instructions)
1kg Dry malt extract
160g Priming sugar
48 440ml Amber beer bottles (Optional)

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No Bottles, 48 Amber Glass Bottles

Coopers Liquid Extract

Draught, Dark Ale, Australian Pale Ale